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Silicone Extrusion

Silicone Extrusion is manufacturing process in which un-vulcanize rubber compounds pass through a precise die of the desired cross-section shape under tight pressure from an extruder which produce desired cross sectional rubber extruded profile in continuous length.

The extruded product is then vulcanized, or cured, in a heated pressure oven. Extruded parts can be made in wide variety of sizes ranging from 1/8″ in diameter to a rectangular cross-section in continuous lengths of up to the length as per customer requirement.

Rubber Extrusion

Accurate Rubber Corporation is leading manufacturer of comprehensive range of complex as well as simple extruded rubber profiles which include U-Channel, D-Shape, L-Shape,T-Shape,P-Shape,E-Channel,U-Channels with Bulb, I-Shape, T-Shape, Tube, Gasket, Seals, Full Round Cord, Hard Round Cord, Square Strips, Rectangular Strips, Washer and much more. Your order will be design and delivered with a minimal possible shortest lead time.

Accordingly your custom requirement we can create toughest custom rubber extrusion in any shape and any size. When regular elastomers doesn’t meet your need, our in-house formulation and mixing capabilities can design a custom rubber compound which meet your specific requirements and provide desired quality and performance. We can supply prototype extrusions as well as high volume production. For easy storage and shipping accordingly your need we can coil it or cut it in desired size length.

Accurate Rubber’s experienced staff will ensure that your part exactly manufactured accordingly your specification and deliver it on time.

Material Selection

  • Silicone
  • Fluorosilicone

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