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Silicone Tubing

Accurate Rubber offer comprehensive range of Silicone Tubing in all different sizes which are commonly used in Dairy, Food, Brewery, Beverage, Water Treatment, Pharmacetical, Medical, Scientific Research and other Industries.

As well as per your custom requirement we can manufacture any custom size Silicone Tubes in color you want.We will also help you select right material as per your application and industry need.

Silicone Tubing

When regular elastomers doesn’t meet your need, our in-house formulation and mixing capabilities can design a custom rubber compound which meet your specific requirements and provide desired quality and performance.For easy storage and shipping accordingly your need we can coil it or cut it in desired size length. Accurate Rubber’s experienced staff will ensure that your Silicone Tube exactly manufactured accordingly your specification and deliver it on time.

Types of Silicone Tubing we offer

  • Regular Grade: This is most commonly use Silicone Grade which meets FDA standards and can be used in many applications, normally where visual flow is essential. Available in 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 shore hardness, this is used in Food processing plants and also pharmaceutical industries.
  • High Strength Grade: Available in 50, 60 and 70 shore hardness, this grade of tubing is commonly used in Laboratory, Pharmaceutical and Biochemical industries. It is also well suited for use within peristaltic pumps and is extremely resistant to most chemicals.
  • Platinum Cured: Very popular high quality compound meets the stringent FDA Standards and is mostly used in Food, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Other industries. This tubing has excellent clarity and gives a glossy finish.
  • Colored Tubing: Accurate Rubber manufacture smallest to biggest size Color Silicone Tubing in popular colors which are often used for sleeving purpose.

Why choose Silicone Tubing ??

For Tubing, Silicone offers so many advantages which are unavailable in other elastomers.

  • Hygienic: It does not support the growth of bacteria or solid build up
  • Durable: Silicone Tubing is smooth, flexible and strong which make it last longer than any other type of tubing. Also it will not crack or perish
  • Clarity: Which allows easier monitoring of flow of fluid
  • Easy to Clean: Smooth and Easy to Clean surface. Also it will not become brittle and stiff even with continued use of cleaning chemicals.
  • High Tear Strength: High Tear Resistance, Good Elongation at break and Tensile Strength which allow to withstand the daily rigours of the milking parlour, brewery, water treatment plant
  • Food Grade Material: Available in FDA regulated Food Grade materials so very safer to use
  • Odorless, Tasteless and Inert : Doesn’t interact what it carries so it’s best suitable for Air,Water,Food and Beverage Applications
  • UV,Ozone and Other Chemical Resistant : Offer excellent UV,Ozone,Weather resistance as well as restistance to detergent,salt water and other chemicals
  • Temperature Reistant : Silicone offers excellent high-temperature resistance up to 500°F combined with low-temperature flexibility

Why choose Accurate Rubber for your Silicone Tubing Needs ??

For Tubing, Silicone offers so many advantages which are unavailable in other elastomers.

  • Truested Partner : As a custom manufacturer will work with you as solution partner so your goals and needs are satisfied
  • Premium Quality : Made from finest material with highest accuracy in state of the art manufacturing facility
  • Shorter Leadtime : We will quickly turnaround your job and deliver it anywhere in USA
  • Friendly Service : Our experienced staff will provide great service in every step of the process
  • Color Selection : Wide selection of colors and matching of color
  • Made In USA : Our Silicone Tube proudly Made in USA
  • Competitive Price : We offer very competitive price to market

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