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D Shaped Gaskets Manufacturer

Accurate Rubber is specialized in supplying highest quality D-Shaped seal gaskets for various industrial applications. We manufacture and supply extruded silicone rubber D shaped channel, seal, section and gaskets that meets our client requirements.

D Shaped Gaskets

What are your option while making D Shaped Seal & Gasket

  • Custom Size and Shape as per your application and project needs
  • Selection and matching of wide variety of colors
  • Silicone Rubber Material Hardness from 20 Shore A to 80 Shore A
  • Special Material Grades which Complies for Silicone Rubber D-Shaped Gasket & Seal
  • Food Grade, FDA Grade (FDA 21,CFR177.2600)
  • USP CL-VI Compound
  • 3-A Sanitary Standards
  • NSF STD-51 certified
  • UL, A-A59588 (Formerly ZZR-765E)
  • AMS, ASTM D2000, Military/Industrial, and Commercial specification

Where Silicone D Shaped Seal & Gasket Can Be Used

  • Medical Equipment Industries
  • Scientific Research & Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Door And Windows Seal
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Glass/Shower Door Seal
  • Oven Gasket
  • Optial Fiber Cable
  • Military Device & Equipment
  • Connector for Electrical Parts
  • Manway Gaskets for Fuel Tanks, Boilers And Other Closed Vessel
  • Water Filteration And Purification Equipment
  • Dairy fluid handling tubing
  • Peristaltic tubing
  • Automotive electrical enclosure seal
  • Electrical connector
  • High voltage insulation
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Silicone D Shape Seals
Silicone D Shape Seals

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