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Hatch Seal & Marine Gaskets Manufacturer

Accurate Rubber is known as a quality manufacturer of Hatch seals and marine gaskets. Our streamlined manufacturing process helps us to deliver our products on time at competitive rates. Our Hatch Seal and Marine Gaskets offers symmetrical sloping edge on both side of the corners so it can perfectly seal watertight doors and hatches. Our manufacturing unit with all modern machinery allow us to supply Hatch seals as per our customer requirement.

Hatch Seal & Marine Gaskets

Our manufacturing plant with all latest tools and machinery make it feasible to deliver our products on-time and in different shape and size as per our client specifications. Our hatch seals are able to keep out moisture, sounds, dust and fumes. Also Silicone Rubber can be used under extreme conditions due to its UV light resistance, ozone resistance and bear temperature between -65 °F to 450 °F. We guarantee our hatch seals are watertight so no leakage.

What are your option for making Silicone Hatch seals

  • Custom Size and Shape as per your application and project requirement
  • Selection and matching of different colors
  • Silicone Rubber Material Hardness from 20 Shore A to 80 Shore A

Where Silicone Hatch seals Can Be Used

  • Marine Industry
  • Military/Industrial
  • Watertight & Waterproof Seal
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