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P Shaped Gaskets Manufacturer

Accurate Rubber manufacture and supply P-shaped seal and gaskets as per our customers’ requirements. Our P-shaped seal and gaskets are used in various applications. Our streamlined manufacturing process allow us to deliver any type and size of orders on time. We create customized extruded silicone rubber P Shaped Seals, P Strip Channel and Section, P Shape Extrusion Gasket and P Shape Weatherstrip as per your geometric requirement.

P Shaped Gaskets

What are your options for making E-Shaped Profile

  • Custom Size and Shape as per your application and project needs
  • Available in wide variety of different colors
  • Silicone Rubber Material Hardness from 20 Shore A to 80 Shore A
  • Special Material Grades which Complies for Silicone Rubber P-Shaped Gasket & Seal
  • Food Grade, FDA Grade (FDA 21,CFR177.2600)
  • USP CL-VI Compound
  • 3-A Sanitary Standards
  • NSF STD-51 certified
  • UL, A-A59588 (Formerly ZZR-765E)
  • AMS, ASTM D2000, Military/Industrial, and Commercial specification

Where Silicone P Shaped Gasket & Seal Can Be Used

  • Medical Equipment Industries
  • Scientific Research & Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Door And Windows Seal
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Glass/Shower Door Seal
  • Oven Gasket
  • Optial Fiber Cable
  • Military Device & Equipment
  • Connector for Electrical Parts
  • Manway Gaskets for Fuel Tanks, Boilers And Other Closed Vessel
  • Water Filteration And Purification Equipment
  • Dairy fluid handling tubing
  • Peristaltic tubing
  • Automotive electrical enclosure seal
  • Electrical connector
  • High voltage insulation
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