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Accurate Rubber manufacturer and supplies premium quality custom designed Rubber Diaphragms, Silicone Diaphragms, Diaphragms Seals, Fabric Reinforced Diaphragms, Homogeneous (All Rubber) Diaphragms as per customer specification. Diaphragms facilitate process to transmit the pressure from fluids, however it contains the fluid itself and prevents leakage which makes diaphragms very critical part of many industrial processes like flow regulators and fluid control valves.

Silicone Diaphragms

Silicone Diaphragms widely used in pressure sensors because it offers high level of sensitivity to fluid changes and it helps to converts fluid flows to electrical signal. We can design and manufacturer Diaphragms which can handles different kind of industrial fluids including gas, water, fuel, etc. It can also be combined with processes which involves refrigerants, high temperatures substances like brake fluids or vehicle fuels. It can also be used for potable water supplies. Our rubber silicone diaphragms are custom designed for each unique application factoring in fluid interactions, pressures and vacuums, mechanical requirements and dynamic life to ensure performance requirements are achieved.

Fabric Inserted layer in Fabric Reinforced Diaphragms offers excellent strength against high pressure while also maintain flexibility in process. For low pressure application Homogeneous (All Rubber) Diaphragms are used. We can also bond metal or plastic to Rubber Silicone Diaphragms which saves assembly cost and offer durability with excellent seal.

As complete solution provider for your custom rubber part requirement we also offer designing, engineering, prototype development and 3-D printing services. For making customer project successful our technical staff directly work with you.

Why choose silicone diaphragms?

  • Provides Excellent Weather-Resistant for indoor and outdoor use
  • Longer Durablility and Tear-Resistant
  • Supports High and Low Temperature resistance
  • Offer great resistance for UV Light and Ozone
  • Quick and Easy to Install

Where Silicone Diaphragms can be Used ??

  • Pneumatic Valve & Pump Industry
  • Water Management Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Air Regulators & Solenoids
  • Home Appliance Industry
  • Medical Industry

What are your Material Selection ?

  • Silicone
  • EPDM
  • Fluorosilicone
  • Nitrile
  • Special Grade materials FDA, USA Class VI, NSF 61 are availbale
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