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Robust and Reliable Extruded Silicone, Custom Rubber Seal and Gasket

Silicone Rubber Seal and Gasket is one of the most common and critical commercial and industrial part used for sealing purposes. For making these rubber seal and gasket, different types of silicone extrusion rubber profiles parts are used. The simple reason why the silicone extruded rubber gasket and seal are highly in demand is because of it withstands high (450 F°) as well as low temperature (-50 F°), offers excellent weatherability, elasticity and flexibility, provides UV and Ozone resistance, high durability, provides superb heat and electrical insulation and compression set, etc…

Rubber Extrusion

Accurate Rubber is one of the leading custom silicone rubber extrusion profile manufacture of rubber gasket, seal, Vulcanized and Splice Silicone O-Ring, Silicone Tubing, Silicone Rubber Cord and custom extruded profiles. We offer customized rubber extrusion parts as per your business requirements of for small to large volume of orders. We can make silicone extrusion rubber parts in a wide range of sizes and shapes which includes but not limited to U-Channel, D-Shape, T-Shape, P-Shape, E-Channel, U-Channels with Bulb, I-Shape, L-Shape, Leap & Rotary Seal, Bulb Shape Seal & Gasket, Double Bulb Shape Seal & Gasket, Bullet Shape Seal & Gasket, Triangular Shape Seal & Gasket, Tear Drop Shape Seal, Hatch Seal & Marine Gasket, Oval Shape Seal & Gasket, Trapezoid Shape Seal & Gasket, Weather Stripping Seal & Gasket, and much more…

We also extrude and distribute standard as well as custom size Silicone Tubing, Peroxide and Platinum Cure Silicone Tubing, Round Silicone Cord, Square Silicone Cord, Silicone Rubber Sleeves and Rectangular Silicone Strips. We have a state-of-art infrastructure and manufacturing facility to deliver large or small quantity of silicone extruded rubber parts at the most shortest period.

We follow the most advanced techniques and formulation to offer the best in class silicone extrusion parts at the most cost-effective rates. We make custom tooling and die as per your requirements. Accurate Rubber is trusted by several national and international clients as a silicone extrusion manufacturer because of the quality of parts and on-time delivery.

Accordingly your custom requirement we can create toughest custom rubber extrusion in any shape and any size. When regular elastomers doesn’t meet your need, our in-house formulation and mixing capabilities can design a custom rubber compound which meet your specific requirements and provide desired quality and performance. We can supply prototype silicone extrusions as well as high volume production. For easy storage and shipping we can coil it or cut it in desired size length.

Accurate Rubber’s experienced staff follows streamed line silicone extrusion manufacturing process that ensure your part exactly manufactured accordingly your specification and deliver it on time. For more information regarding custom rubber extrusion parts, please contact us at 1-678-562-2097.

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