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Vulcanized and Splice Silicone O-Rings Manufactures

Accurate Rubber manufactures and supplies high quality Vulcanized and Spliced Silicone O-Rings, Frame Gasket, Four Corner Gasket made out from Silicone Round Cord, Silicone Square or Rectangular Cord, Silicone Tubing or any other custom extruded profile. Our team will directly work with you or your team for making precise silicone O-Rings or Frame Corner Gasket accordingly your project requirements. Our in house mixing and tooling capability allows us to make parts very quickly so we can deliver even in very tight schedule.

Silicone O-Rings

Using requested extruded profile we cut it into size it need and joined at 45° or 90° or 135° through vulcanization process. For making vulcanization join as smooth as possible like molding parts we use special fabrication tools & technique. We can also join hollow cross sections in such a way that the join has same comprehensibility. Depending on customer requirement we use traditional vulcanization bond or material specific adhesives bond for forming this silicone O-Rings or Frame Gasket or Four Corner Gasket.

What are your option for making Vulcanized andSplice Silicone O-Rings

  • Custom Size as per your application and project requirement
  • Endless Ring or Vulcanized Frame Gaskets
  • Selection and matching of different colors
  • Silicone Rubber Material Hardness from 30 Shore A to 80 Shore A
  • Special Material Grades which Complies for Silicone Rubber Cord
  • Food Grade, FDA Grade (FDA 21,CFR177.2600)
  • USP CL-VI Compound
  • UL, A-A59588 (Formerly ZZR-765E)
  • AMS, ASTM D2000, Military/Industrial, and Commercial specification

Where Silicone Vulcanized & Splice O-Ring Can Be Used

  • Medical Equipment Industries
  • Lighting Fixture Gasket
  • Scientific Research & Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Door And Windows Seal
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Glass/Shower Door Seal
  • Oven Gasket
  • Optial Fiber Cable
  • Military Device & Equipment
  • Connector for Electrical Parts
  • Manway Gaskets for Fuel Tanks, Boilers And Other Closed Vessel
  • Water Filteration And Purification Equipment
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